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Want to learn?

Would you like to learn the skills of a barber? 


Work for yourself or get a job in a barbershop. 


All courses give you an industry certificate so you can get Qualified. 

Training courses are 1-2-1, just you and Jacquie the trainer educator. That is why it is fast track. 

Unlike other places where it is 1 tutor to 12- 20 students. 



 1 day a week over 5 weeks. 

Time 9.30- 1.30 / 10 am to 2 pm 

Some afternoon or weekend sessions are available at certain times of the year, just ask. 


It is not just about the time you spend in training, you will have time to practice what you have learnt at home so you can build up confidence and speed up. 


Everything at first is trained on a training head, so you can get a complete understanding. Then we will move on to live models but by that time you know what you are doing. 


Traditional Scissor Hair Cutting 

Club Cutting 

Layers, Square and Uniform 

C-Curve Graduation

Clipper work

Blending techniques

Tapering and graduated cuts

Skin fade techniques

 High and low fade

Tapering techniques​

Clipper over comb, scissors over comb

 How to hold clipper correctly and movements

Shape hairline

Provide aftercare services

Jacquie does not disappear after your course you can get ongoing advice whenever you need it.  

1 day a week for 5 weeks 


1-2-1 Training in Reading Berkshire £1000 Training + Kit ( £250) 

Coming to you training + Travel coast  

1/2 online 1/2 in person £800 + kit 

Full Online £700 + kit 

Industry Certificate on Completion for a New Career. 

If you have a friend who wants to learn, you can buy one course and get the second 1/2 price then split the cost between you. ( as long as you learn on the same days) saving £££

£750 each for the training + kit. 

Training can start as soon as you would like to learn. Call / Text Jacquie at 07958264946 for availability 

Course Content:


Introduction to Barbering: 

Understanding the history, culture, and modern trends in barbering.

Tools and Equipment: 

Proper use, maintenance, and hygiene practices for clippers, scissors, razors, combs, and brushes.

Basic Cutting Techniques:

 Mastering foundational cuts including one-length, taper, and fade cuts.

Clipper Work:

Learning various clipper techniques for precision and efficiency.

Beard Trimming:

Techniques for beard trimming, eyebrows 

Styling and Finishing: 

Techniques for styling hair using various products and tools.

Health and Safety:

 Essential practices for maintaining a safe and hygienic work environment.

Client Consultation: 

Effective communication skills to understand and meet client expectations.



Professional clippers and guards

High-quality barbering scissors

Straight razor and blades

Combs and brushes

Hairdryer and styling tools

Capes and towels

Cleaning and maintenance supplies

Assorted hair products

Learning Outcomes:


Gain foundation barbering techniques, including traditional scissor cutting,clipper work and styling

Develop the ability to perform professional client consultations.

Understand the importance of health and safety in barbering.

Build confidence to work in a barbershop setting or pursue further education in barbering.


Course Duration:

This is a 5-week intensive course that combines theory knowledge with practical workshops, culminating in a final assessment to demonstrate your skills.


Who Should Enrol

This course is ideal for beginners with no prior experience in barbering or those looking to solidify their foundational skills.


Contact us

Let’s Work Together

Reading Berkshire 

Tel: 07958264946

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