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Application / Terms and Conditions


How my Courses work


  • Training is 1-2-1 or max 1 to 2 people  

  • Training is one session a week, allowing for practice and home study in between each session to write up your portfolio and repeat learning. 

  • Courses are a combination of theory, practical and case studies.

During the training it is your responsibility to

*    Record your training hours

*    Take notes

*    Build a portfolio of evidence of training

*    Practice and repeat your Practical skill in between each session.

*   When ready get models to work on, Friends and Family. 

Hairdressing / Barbering may look easy but learning something new takes time and dedication. 

Hairdressing or Barbering is a hands on skill. Just because you have done it once, does not mean you know it.

Repeating techniques will give you confidence and also help with your speed and timings. 

    *If you do not allow time to practice, I cannot be held responsible for the failure of your training.

 All techniques are covered on a training head first, and at the end of the course we will move onto models. Friends and Family.



All my courses are fully insured and accredited. This means on completion of your training, you can gain insurance to either work for yourself or for get a job in a salon.


Training Dates

You will be allocated set training dates for your course. If you need to cancel or change a training date 48 hours notice needs to be given otherwise you could lose a training date or there could be a charge of £50 to move a training date to another date .

I commit 100% to your training. Please be aware once your course has been booked that time has been allocated to you. If that training date does not happen for one reason or another without sufficient notice it will not allow me enough time to book with another student meaning loss in revenue, this is the reason for the extra changes.

Moving training Dates

If you move a training date, then you cancel again, it could result in an additional charge of £50 to book and secure that new training date or

it could result in you losing the training date all together. If you cancel or move 3 or more training dates this could result in your course being cancelled all together with no refund given.


Booking A Courses 

Once you have decided what course you would like to book and you have read and agreed to the T&C please fill in your details below.

On receipt of this application form, all information including kit for that course and payment details will be put in writing to you.  


No payment is required until dates have been discussed.

Once dates have been discussed and put in writing to you that is when payment is required.

I can not confirm ,guarantee dates or training course without agreed payment and commitment from yourself.

My diary time is very limited as courses run over a few weeks or months and there is only one me!  I can not hold dates or prices without payment. 

People enquiring about courses all the time and If someone else asks about a course your dates are open to be booked up without commitment,  so I highly recommend booking and securing your courses AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  


Once dates have been allocated to you and agreed payment has been made this a contract of a agreement from both of us and commitment to your training course and is non refundable. 

Payment Option. 

You can pay in full when booking your course or asked about a payment plan option at an additional fee on a selection of different courses.

How to pay

Bank Transfer or Paypal

(Please be aware if you decide to pay by paypal, there is an extra charge of 3% ).

No course can be booked without compliance to (GDPR)Data Protection Act. 

.If you are ready now to book a course please fill in your details below. 

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