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 Jacquie has had an amazing career in the Hair and Beauty Indusrty.

Having been in the industry for over 25yrs I find it a real honour that I can now share my skills and knowledge to people who would like to learn this amazing skill. 


 How my courses work.

 All my courses are Fully Insured and Accredited with Professional Beauty Direct and have been for 8yrs.

As my courses are Accredited it means on completion of a training  course a certificate will be issued for you to gain insurance to work with the public. 

 That means you can go self employed or gain the skills ready for a salon trade test.

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WHO IS YOUR TUTOR - Jacquie Case 

*  Trained as a hairdresser at Harrods in London 

* Been a Stylist, Senior Stylist and Creative Stylist. 

* Worked on the cruise ships for 5 years travelling  the world doing hairdressing with some beauty treatments working my way up to Spa Manager . 

* A Technical Consultant for L'OREAL PROFESSIONAL teaching their courses, cutting, Colour keys , Advanced Colouring to the Colour Specialist Degree. I did stage work with alot of celebrity stylists in the industry, Andrew Barton, Trevor Sorbie, Alan Edwards, Charles Worthington and more . 

* I have been a Trainer/ Educator for Toni and Guy In Manchester 

* I have also been a Salon Manager, Area Manager and Operations Manager 

* Owning my own company 

* Business Master Coach 


 Jacquie is also trained and hold certificates as An Emotional Health Consultant. 

Master NLP Practitioner


Weightloss Hypnotherapy 

IEMT Therapist 

Rapid Solution Therapist 

EFT Tapping 


Mental Health First Aider 

Intro CBT


For more information on Emotional Health check out


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