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Ladies Foundation Cutting Course


£1200 + KIT


5 Weeks


About the Course

Ladies Foundation Cutting & Blow Drying Course £1000 + kit


This course is 1-2-1 training over 5 weeks.

 That is 1 day a week with Jacquie where you will be learning different techniques, but the course is over 5 weeks as it is very important you practice what you have learnt at home. Practicing will build up your speed and confidence. Training is 9.30- 1.30 or 10-2pm.

You will learn everything on a training head first then we will move onto model towards the end of the course.

Course Overview:

Healthy & Safety


Shampoo & Condition

Essential Cutting Techniques

Advanced Cutting

Essential Blow Drying Techniques.


Investment: £1200 + Kit

Enroll today

Pay in full £1000 + kit or payment plan is plus £100. As soon as you sign up you can start your learning journey.

Payment Plan + £100 = £1300

£500 deposit book and secures your dates and recieve your portfolio work

the remaining is paid over the time your learn.

£400 week 2

£400 week 4

Kit Needed ( allow £150) Links for equipment can be sent to you.

2x Ladies 100% Human Hair Training Head.

Scissor set

selection of combs

sectioing clips

water spray

hair dryer

selection of brushes


Industry certificate on completion . All courses are fully insured and accredited, Just like a fast track course in beauty , I do courses in hair. This means on completion you will be able to set up on your own or get a job in a salon. ( see below)


​When you go to college they will break up the Hairdressing Qualification into 3 Levels 

Level1 Basic Styling and Dressing Hair 

Level 2 Foundation Ladies Cutting and Colouring 

Level 3 Advanced Ladies Cutting and Colour 

​For Barbering, some colleges want you to complete ladies before you do Gents Hair Cutting. 

​Each course takes around 1 year to do. This means, in theory, you will not be able to do all hair-cutting and Colouring techniques straight away, even if you complete a Level 2 qualification. 

My courses do not work like this. As training is 1-2-1, just me and you, I like to give all the information so once you have completed the course, you will have the knowledge and skills of the majority of clients

​This means you will not be in the situation if a client asks you to do a certain haircut, and you have not learnt it yet, you do not have to turn them away. Especially if you want to work for yourself or get a job in a salon. 

 In my L2/ L3 Hairdressing Course you will learn 

Basic Styling & Dressing Hair, Foundation Cutting & Colouring Hair, Advanced Cutting & Colouring Including Colour Correction. 

​For Barbering - You can Just do a Barbering Course. 

Ultimate Course is where you will learn Ladies & Barbering as well. 

Working For Yourself Or Getting A Job In A Salon. 

​If you want to get a job in a salon they would want you to do a INTERVIEW & SALON TRADE TEST.

This is where they would like to see your work. They would ask you to do a colour, cut and blow in front of them to see how confident you are and what is your knowledge like. Most salons do not have the time to train you. If they take you on they want to know if a client comes in the door, you can do their hair. My courses get you ready for this. 

​Working for yourself, I give you business knowledge on the course.

​If you would like to specialise in a certain service or technique you can break the courses up. 

Your Instructor



Trainer / Educator

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