Are you Self Employed Within The Hair or Beauty Industry. 


Owning your own business can be pretty lonely sometimes.

When we were trained , we were trained the skills but not trained how to manage our own business. 

I would like to help you get that training. 


I have been in the Hair and Beauty industry over 24yrs. I have been a Salon manager , Area Manger Operations Manager to owning my own business. 


On this course we will look at 

Business plans 



Tracking and Monitoring your own success. 


Price Just  £199 per person. 


To book your place call Jacquie 07940909708.

Location Reading Berkshire .

I offer Business Management training & courses. 


*Business Planning 


*Tracking Monitoring 

*Staff Training 

*Retail Training 

*Customer Training 



*Business Set up 

*Skills Training 


* Confidence 

*Limiting Beliefs 

*Public speaking 

*Fears/ Phobias

Hair Supplies

Bespoke to your own Business - Hair or Beauty Business Mentoring Programme. With a choice of 3,6 or 1 year Programmes. 


Having your own business can be very stressful.

Money coming in - Money Going out . 


We will look at all angles of YOUR business. 

We will go right back to basics, putting systems in place, analysing performance, looking at growth and getting some accountability. We will also look a problem solving, short term and long term goal settings . 

This will be a fun and informative programme , were I will be with you every step on the way . 


If you are working on your own , you will not be on your own any more . 

If you have a people working with you , I will help you to have a successful team and business . 


Prices start for as little as £200 a day . 


With over 25yrs in the Hair & Beauty Industry. I have been a Salon Manager, Areas Manager, Operations Manager to owning my own Business. 

On top of this I am also trained innate health  . ( Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT Tapping and 3 Principles) 

I also have a Master Business certificate. 


We spend more time at work than we do at home but when you work for yourself sometimes there is no cut off. 

Business mixes into home 

Home mixes into business . 

Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Past , Relationships, Dating, Health, Habits, low Self Esteem and confidence . I know I can help with this to . 


For more information or to book your place call 07940909708 Jacquie .